Write Mentor 2022 – What I’m Looking For

Hello to whoever is reading this! I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything but I wanted to return with some positive news! I am returning to a mentor for Write Mentor’s 2022 Summer Program! I am so excited to a part of this amazing ensemble of mentors and can’t wait toContinue reading “Write Mentor 2022 – What I’m Looking For”

How To Start Querying Literary Agents

Have you finally finished your manuscript and are looking to get traditionally published? Let’s start by learning how to query literary agents.

My Querying Journey/How I Got My Agents

Hello to whoever is reading this! First of all thank you so much for coming to my website and for checking out this post, I truly appreciate it!  I decided that I wanted to create this blog post, as well as other posts to come (and possibly videos) to explain my querying journey of findingContinue reading “My Querying Journey/How I Got My Agents”