Amanda C. Badillo

Amanda Badillo is a Puerto Rican, New York native who has always had a passion for writing the weird. When Amanda was around five years old her mother introduced her to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and soon began the psychosis of witches, werewolves, demons, angels, possession, and more. Later on, Amanda developed a love for reading which led to her becoming engrossed in the works of Ellen Schreiber, Darren Shan, Christopher Krovatin, Stephen King, and so many other incredible writers. However, her true love? Well, that became the darkly fascinating Edgar Allan Poe with his twisted tales and gory imagery, it was love at first sentence.

In middle school and high school Amanda could always be found with an Ed Hardy notebook in hand and a serious look on her face as she was fantasizing about worlds and characters that didn’t exist yet. Her love for writing has only increased as her knowledge and interests have grown. She has always dreamed of seeing her name on a book in the Barnes and Nobles of her neighboring city and is excited for this dream to one day be a reality. She feels lucky and fortunate enough to have a set of parents who have pushed her to continue writing, and for her grandparents who have always been her extra cheer squad, ensuring she never gave up.

In her spare time, Amanda can be found still reading the strangest of books with the craziest plot twists that you wouldn’t see coming, spending time with her family, loved ones, her three-year-old yellow lab and seven-month-old German Shepherd/Shelti mix.

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